​Digital Transformation Services

Conduct Digital Transformation Workshop (on-site)

  • Establish baseline of shared understanding about DX with stakeholders

  • Present the Digital Transformation methodology

  • Gather preliminary information about your objectives and requirements

  • Set the stage for the development of the vision, mission, journey, roadmap

  • Lay the groundwork for the next stages starting with the Initial Assessment

  • Provide post-workshop report (after two weeks) covering a summary of the workshop findings, a preliminary analysis about the options re the way forward and a proposal for the next steps, starting with the Initial Assessment 

Conduct the Initial Assessment

  • Collect information about the organization, drivers, systems, market, etc.
  • Identify drivers, emerging market threats and growing regulatory pressures
  • Analyze the organization’s market positioning vis-à-vis the competition
  • Identify disruptive opportunities/threats from emerging/emergent technologies
  • Identify candidate processes (for DX) with most proximity to profits
  • Analyze the organization's maturity: internal strengths and readiness, supply chain readiness, competence and available resources
  • Assess issues related to the IT/OT divide vis-à-vis desired the transformation: organization, culture, resources, best practices, etc.
  • Provide a SWOT analysis about the above with recommendations about the next steps in the process, the development of the business strategy and the technology context, as well as the roadmap

Develop the Business Strategy

  • Contact us for details

Develop the Technology Context

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Develop the Digital Transformation Program Context

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Drive the Digital Transformation Journey

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Above services are provided by an Executive-caliber Chief Digital Transformation Officer (CDxO) from IGnPower. 

For further details, please contact us.

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