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A Chief DX Officer to lead the Digital Transformation Journey
An organization planning to embark on a digital transformation journey needs an executive-caliber "Chief Digital transformation Officer" (CDxO) who is mandated and empowered at the highest level to lead the DX initiative and drive its execution.

The CDxO should have the following profile:

  • Understanding of what is at play strategically: short term, mid-term and long term
  • Business and technical knowledge and experience in Digital Transformation methodologies
  • Understanding of the DX enabling role of emerging and emergent technologies
  • Understanding of the critical IT/OT convergence issues and how to deal with them

​IGnPower is offering a Your CDxO service to provide organizations with such a critical resource on a for-hire basis. This is an executive professional (CTO-caliber) with extensive business and technical knowledge and experience in a wide range of domains: digital transformation methodologies, disruptive and transformative technologies such as IoT, AI and Digital Twin, the issues and challenges related to the IT/OT convergence, compliance and information governance, etc.

Let us begin the conversation about Digital Transformation

A Caterpillar to Butterfly Journey

Organizations are under significant pressure to deal with rapidly changing and sometimes unforeseen (example COVID) market conditions that are impacting their business, operations and supply chains. These organizations are also facing a relentless barrage of emerging and emergent digital technologies that are enabling new, disruptive and transformative solutions that did not exist a decade ago. These technologies include Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Twins, Edge Computing, Distributed Ledger, Extended Reality and many others. Organizations that ignore the potential of these technologies (their competitors won't) can experience significant disruptions to their markets and business models and an erosion of their competitiveness... potentially this may put the very livelihood of these organizations in question (Netflix vs Blockbuster).

A New Era in Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation (DX) is thriving nowadays in organizations that operate major IoT systems in their enterprise solution stack. Inherent to all these systems are physical/digital divides that run across Information technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). These disciplines are well-entrenched with major differences between them: business, technology, architecture, operations, priorities, organization, culture, etc. 
Pro-active organizations should embrace these technologies and deal with these divide issues, digitally transform their business models and create significant opportunities for themselves: create new value to deliver the market, establish blue ocean markets and future-proof themselves, or they can ignore then and face the consequences.

Digitization - Digitalization - Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a Caterpillar to Butterly journey... ​​​​The transformation typically takes place in multiple stages: digitization, digitalization and actual digital transformation. The scope of that transformation may be tactical, focused on specific departments and processes or it can be strategic, covering the whole enterprise.