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​About IGnPower Inc.

​IGnPower is a Digital Transformation advisory services organization, founded by Bassam Zarkout and focusing on assisting enterprises with their digital transformation journey. IGnPower is an active member in the Boston-based Industry IoT Consortium. The IIC is focused on delivering transformative business value to industry, organizations, and society by accelerating adoption of a trustworthy internet of things.

Bassam is an executive-caliber professional with 30+ years of technology experience in a wide range of domains including Information Governance, Governance Risk Management & Compliance, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, Enterprise Information Archiving, etc. At the IIC, Bassam (see his IIC profile) co-chairs the Digital Transformation Working Group and has co-authored multiple peer-reviewed publications:

Bassam was also one of the main contributors to the EU-focused Digital Trust Platform paper (an effort led by Bosch Germany). In that paper, he defined the concept of the digital trust supply chain.

Bassam is also a recognized influencer in the IoT space.

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