Advisory Services
  • Technical Advisory Services

  • IoT Solution Definition Services

  • Assistance with Patents

  • Assistance with Evangelizing


IG Program Development
  • IG risk assessment of client environment
  • IG maturity assessment of client environment
  • On-surveys of IG requirements
  • ​Analysis and documentation of IG requirements
  • Vision and roadmap for IG Program
  • IG policy development
  • IG enforcement strategy development


IG-Enforcement Enablement
  • Assessment of IG-enforcement "technology enablement"
  • ​Participation in delivery of IG-enforcement technologies

IG-enablement of IoT Platforms and Solutions
  • Feasibility assessment for IG-enablement for IoT platforms
  • Feasibility assessment for IG-enablement for IoT solutions
  • Requirements analysis for IG for IoT platforms and solutions
  • ​Implementation assistance

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