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About IGnPower Inc.


To be the premier provider of Information Governance services in the IoT space.


Founded in 2015, IGnPower provides advisory and consulting services to solution adopters and providers in the area of Information Governance or IG:

  • Design and assist in development of IG solutions
  • Lead patenting efforts
  • Assist in implementation of IG solutions
  • Technical Advisory services: drive technical decisions and product roadmaps
  • Thought leadership, servant leadership, public speaking and evangelizing

IGnPower's services in the IoT space are focused on assisting IoT solution adopters and providers in their efforts to weave the principles of Information Governance (policies, procedures, enforcement, and technology enablement) within their product and solution roadmaps.

IGnPower is an active member in the following organizations:

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  [1001]  Call to Action: Making the case for the Governance of IoT Data
  [1002]  The Information Governance Journey

  [1003]​  IG Risk and Maturity Assessment Services

  [1004]  IG Requirements Analysis Services

  [1005]  IG Governance Program Development Services

  [1006]  IG Enforcement Technology Enablement Services

  [1007]  IG-enablement of IoT Platforms and Solutions Services

Copyright © 2017   |   IGnPower Inc.   |   All rights reserved.