Copyright © 2017   |   IGnPower Inc.   |   All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2017   |   IGnPower Inc.   |   All rights reserved.

Govern IoT Data

The explosive growth of IoT data volumes poses significant operational and IT challenges, as well as major issues related to the governance of this data:

  • Do you know who owns this data?
  • What are the rights and duties of the adopters of IoT solutions?
  • How should organizations deal with privacy issues?
  • What is the lifecycle of IoT data and how to manage that lifecycle?
  • How should organizations deal with data residency issues?

Organizations must proactively address the IG requirements of their IoT data. They must begin to weave the IG capabilities (policies, enforcement, audit trail, etc.) within their IoT roadmap and solutions.

Bottom line

The need to govern IoT data is real and looming… it is also inescapable. Organizations should waste little time in setting their sails and embarking on this journey, the Information Governance journey.

Govern Your IoT Data

Internet of Things (IoT)

To exploit operational data generated by Internet-connected smart objects (“things”) for the purposes of gaining insight about their operation and producing “better outcomes” (eg. create new business models, enhance productivity, eliminate unscheduled maintenance, etc.)

Information Governance (IG)

The frenetic march towards the digitization of business and operational processes has led to an explosion in the volume of information being created, stored and consumed.

A convergence of business, legal and technological forces is triggering a major decision point for organizations: how to look after these corporate assets and how to govern them in a sustainable manner.​